Sept. 19, 2017


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The Pitch: "Louisiana's Sounding embody the spirit of the MySpace revival, and bring intense sonic vitriol in their Dark Trail Records debut. Fans of As the Sun Sets, early Daughters, Robinson, The Great Redneck Hope, The Sawtooth Grin, Tower of Rome, and From a Second Story Window will find Trepanation to hold serious resonance."

What I Like: Trepanation is bursting at the seams with raucous destruction.  It's pure anarchy distilled down to just 15 minutes: lightning in a bottle, Pandora's box.  With this album, Sounding have unleashed a sound more violent and dissonant than a thousand rusty cybermen armed with barbed-wire baseball bats and switchblades.  Noise, grind, and hardcore come together like a second coming of Ed Gein meets Psyopus.  I'm also reminded of Full of Hell, given the band's affinity not only for abrasive instrumentation, but also ominous sound bytes.  The guitars, drums, and vocals are perhaps only one step removed from dropping a nuclear bomb on a suburban playground.

Critiques: My ears are bleeding, and I'm pretty sure I have multiple skull fractures.

The Verdict: It's so exciting to see the return of so many talented mathcore progenators (fingers crossed for Botch next, please), but perhaps even more promising is this sudden wave of newcomers.  These young groups are hungry, and appear ready to spill new blood in the name of the classics. Buy the album tomorrow not only in support of the band, but also a fresh label that knows mathcore inside and out.

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