To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse

Jan. 30, 2020


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The Pitch: Manchester, UK metallic hardcore crew Leeched continue their reign of "impenetrable expansive bleakness" via Prosthetic Records. FFO: Left BehindWolf KingCode Orange

What I Like: Rivaled perhaps only by Fawn Limbs, the blokes in Leeched are seriously on point when it comes to naming their albums. You Took The Sun When You Left was one of the heaviest, most miserable albums of 2018, and To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse seems on pace to claim that title once more in 2020. What follows are 10 of the most imposing tracks to conjure the "stank face" since Code Orange's Forever; from raging blast and D-beat fury to the doom metal hellfires of appropriately titled "Now It Ends." The guitars are rusty machinery squeeling as they struggles to maintain pace. Nails, Harms Way, Vein... watch out... these guys are coming to steal your thunder as the best sonic steroids to fuel your latest weight lifting session. 

Critiques: Stop hurting me.

The Verdict: A goddam masterpiece of meathead majesty. It's even better than the last one.

Flight's Fav's: The Grey Tide, Praise Your Blades, I, Flatline

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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