Through Ages Of Sleep (Exclusive Stream)

June 20, 2017


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The Pitch: We have the exclusive early album stream of "Through Ages of Sleep: Siberian's second album in their "Age Trilogy". The Swedish three-piece mixes influences from American sludge and Scandinavian metal and have created a unique wall of sound."  FFO: Viscera///, Barishi, Bushwhacker

What I Like: Siberian have a sound that is a bit difficult to nail down.  I really struggled in coming up with similar bands for the "FFO" section, but ultimately I think that Barishi may be the best comparison.  Through Ages Of Sleep sees the band playing with similar elements: Greg Puciato-esque hardcore vocals, sludgy guitar hooks, progressive and post-metal interludes, and a general flair for experimentation within and between.  Siberian also throw in a few folk elements amidst the entertaining guitarwork, as seen towards the end of "Witness."  But if you're looking for a straight-up banger, I recommend going with "Axis Mundi" or the Middle Eastern flavored "Heresy Breath."  The hooks, vocals, and drums are all super intense; at times pulling in references to Mastodon, others decidedly more like recent material from Gojira ("Kingdoms")

Critiques: The album tapers off a little bit towards the end, but this is a really minor complaint.

The Verdict: An interesting and powerful album that brings a lot to the table stylistically, but also delivers plenty of visceral performances along the way.  Hear it early below, get it in the US June 30th.  It is already available in Europe.

Flight's Fav's: Axis Mundi, Heresy Breath, Kingdoms