Thoughts From A Stone

Oct. 10, 2017


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The Pitch: Multinational progressive, technical death metal act Coma Cluster Void returns with a new EP: "A journey into the darkest recesses of the human mind" represented in one 21 minute composition.  FFO: Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Artificial Brain

What I Like: If only one thing must be said about Coma Cluster Void, it's that they are incredible musicians.  If you haven't listened to their debut, I highly recommend it.  The members are no mere novices: Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy), Austin Taylor (Dimensionless) and Genevieve DiSalvo on vocals, Sylvia Hinz (XelmYa) providing classical mezzosoprano vocals, bass guitar and double bass recorder, John Strieder on 10-string guitar and cello, Chris Burrows (ex-Thoren) on drums and guest Alexa Renger on violin.  All of these people bring to the table strange and highly proficient instrumentation that abandons the rulebook.

Critiques: I love these guys and their debut album, but for all of its technical prowess, Thoughts From A Stone just isn't a very enjoyable album.  Mind Cemeteries did an incredible job of treading between the avantgarde and the sonically pleasing.  While the performances here are strong, I'm not sure that everything comes together in terms of composition.

The Verdict: While I cannot recommend Coma Cluster Void enough as a band, I am not in love with this particular EP.  It scores enough points in terms of musicianship and innovation to move it up the scale, but I don't find the same desire to go back for further listens.  That having been said, those fans of pure avantgarde and Gorguts may find themselves more at home.  Stream and buy HERE Friday.

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-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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