They're Back! LP Please!

Sept. 21, 2015


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Raum Kingdom holds a special place in my heart. They were one of the 4 original purchases I made on Bandcamp while this site was still just a budding concept in my mind. As such, I was overjoyed to get a notification of a new release. Sure, it's just two songs from a split, but from these guys, I will take it. Quality over quantity, right?

I'll start with the All We Expected side. I am pleased to say that this half of the split is quite enjoyable. AWE play some excellent instrumental post metal that jives well with Raum Kingdom's introspective style. Some very distinct basslines play strong through the mix, backed by impact-inducing drums and spacy, reverb-heavy guitars. It's progressive, it's sludgy, and above all it is engaging. A few comparisons came to mind: Tool meets the Cure. Russian circles. Chevelle's "Twinge" off of their latest album. Looking forward to checking out these guys more in the future.

But now, the main event. From the start of "Grace," my anticipation was palpable. This track has a great pounding tom intro. Then a grungy Deftones riff takes command. As with their debut EP, there is still plenty of Tool in the clean vocals. The lovely tenor is in stark contrast to the gravelly growls. Plenty of middle eastern groove on this one, which was a nice change of pace.

The delay effects and mantra-like vocals are like a snake charmer. To put it lightly, this is great head-bobbing music. It's meditative without the pretentious bullshit that can come with that label. Each instrument in isolation is fairly simple, but how they are woven together is just masterful. It's a landscape of hills and valleys created by dozens of bass and guitar hooks and compelling rhythm patterns.

I have to say, I think that these Irishmen are at the precipice of greatness. Yes, he sounds like Maynard, but vocalists like Maynard only come around every so often. And when they do, they seem to tap into your very soul with angelic highs and cathartic roars. Here's to a long and successful career for Raum Kingdom, and hopefully All We Expected as well.