These Are Not My Hands!

Oct. 21, 2015


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Tormention is a death metal band out of Kalmar/Södertälje, Sweden. I'll be perfectly blunt, as I'm apt to do (see review for Gloom's Doggod), The name and album cover did not leave me particularly enthused to check this one out. I passed over it a few times before I finally made the right choice of just pressing play. Tormention, my apologies. You rip.

The rhythms on "Burns" make my head bob on reflex. The machine-like tone and abilities of those drums have a little Fear Factory circa Demanufacture to them. The difference being that pure speed is outdone in technical ability. The guitars similarly have a very noteworthy sound. It's like swarms of locusts mixed with grinding machinery. The way the riffs crunch and squeel is truly delightful.

I have been a little dissapointed in the lack of sing(scream)-along moments this year. "Not My Hands" fills that void with gusto. With its "Unghs!" and crushing growled chorus, this track is an undeniable blast. I was doing the dishes (so metal) soon after listening still screaming, "These are not my hands!" I have no shame when it comes to stuff this infectious.

This is a nice time to talk about the vocals in general. Dark, depraved, and ferocious; these are throat-tearing growls from hell. Register primarily sits pretty low, but will also vacilate into a high screech at perfect moments. It's a bit of a cross between Dez of Devildriver and various old school influences. There's a touch of blackened vibe at times, but for the most part this is death metal through and through.

"Satyriasis" sounds like it has 5 bass players clanking out interlocking parts. This richtor-scale breaking track only takes reprieve for killer melodic solos. And they are a many...and awesome. Really, this is all-around a well-played album. There are some minor issues in consistency at times, but by and large I thought it was absolutely rad. You can check out two stellar tracks below, and the album is available through Big Cartel at the link above. Get you some torment, son.