There Is Nothing Left For Me Here

July 5, 2017


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The Pitch: NOLA-influenced Florida doom and sludge band Ether brings forth their sophomore album from the...ether via Dead Truth Recordings.  FFO Crown, Wovoka, Down

What I Like: Ether are a creative crew that extend their craft well beyond the typical boundaries of their genre.  Throughout the duration of There Is Nothing Left For Me Here, you will hear a number of influences from dirty, melancholic drifter tunes akin to In The Company of Serpents to hardcore-tinged crushers to gloomy funeral doom and post-metal.  Working as a polished unit, each member does their part to transition between these varied atmospheres driven by the powerful, tension-building drumming of Daniel Burger.  The guitars and vocals are like stylistic chameleons, ever adapting to changes in pace and tone to deliver a broader spectrum of listening environments; sometimes also incorporating other instruments like violin and banjo to further the depressive mood.

Critiques: There are a few points on this album that feel like they drag.  Ether have developed into a group that knows how to write an eclectic album, now they should focus on tightening up the final product.

The Verdict: A sweeping and powerful album that will keep you guessing as it rolls on.  In terms of slower paced albums I've heard so far in 2017, this is among the best and certainly one of the most inventive.  Pick it up Friday.

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