Their Holes Aroused by the Splinters Carved From Their Teeth

Dec. 6, 2019


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The Pitch: Just months after the lauded Harm Remissions, Pennsylvania purveyors of "Geometric Noise Mathematical Chaos" Fawn Limbs drop a new EP via Dark Trail Records. FFO: Noise Trail Immersion, Hellkeeper, Frontierer

What I Like: So was the megaton bomb that was Harm Remissions not enough for Fawn Limbs? What did we do to deserve 8 more minutes of catastrophic, miserable mathcore? Depending on your perspective, we must have either been very naughty or very nice. Mixing the darkest, grindiest of technical music with just enough bleak ambient for contrast, Their Holes Aroused by the Splinters Carved From Their Teeth is an even more focused and potent mission statement than its predecessor. If Harm Remissions was the storm, this is the tsunami. And squeezing every last drop out of the short runtime, Fawn Limbs manage to integrate a very immersive melodic section into "Atrocities." Also getting some strong Botch vibes from a few of the riffs on "Pleura Torch."

Critiques: 2019 has been a good time for Fawn Limbs. Now take a break so you can really wow us in like 2 years.

The Verdict: They've done it again. In 5 months, Fawn Limbs have caused more damage and disdain than most bands do in a decade. If you loved Harm Remissions, you're going to want this EP to further supplement the mayhem.

Flight's Fav's: Birch Womb, Atrocities, Pleura Torch

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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