The Simulation

Jan. 7, 2019


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The Pitch: Sumerian Records releases the latest album from divisive symphonic deathcore band Born Of Osiris. FFO: Within The Ruins, Suicide Silence, Winds Of Plague

What I Like: Must I endure this twinge of guilt every time I throw on a Born Of Osiris album? Look, I get it... this former tech death band has long since abandoned the genre in favor of a more mainstream approach. With synths bordering on rave-worthy, catchy clean choruses, and an aesthetic ripe for the deathcore scene, I understand the criticism. But here's the thing: they do it extremely well. In fact, I argue that nobody nails symphonic deathcore quite like Born Of Osiris. Even if "Disconnectome" sounds like a slightly more technical Bleeding Through song, I shouldn't have to feel bad that I'm loving the s#!t out of it. It's the type of album they'd review for Pod Minutes To Cast Night and half of the room would begrudgingly admit that it "rips." The Simulation is, above all else, highly entertaining. It's the popcorn action film of the summer. And thanks to the always impressive guitarwork, it's far more Infinity War than Transformers. It may not be high art, but it's the best you can hope for when it comes to mass consumption.

Critiques: That all said, it's not without problems. There are several points where this album crosses the line from radio-friendly to outright cheesy. Exhibit A:  "Under The Gun"'s goofy, Skrillex-esque synths. As a result, I'd probably encourage anyone who hated Soul Sphere to stay away. Even that oft-criticized release held back some in comparison.

The Verdict: Is The Simulation my favorite Born Of Osiris album? No. Is it album of the year material? Hell no. But is it well played? Well constructed? Most importantly, is it fun? In regards to all of those questions, for me it's a resounding yes. If you grew up on a steady diet of nü-metal just as much as death metal and can get over yourself, I'm confident that this is an album you can enjoy. Get it Friday.

Flight's Fav's: The Accursed, Analogs In A Cell, Silence The Echo

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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