The Pulsing Wet

July 27, 2020


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The Pitch: Oakland, CA sludge and industrial band Lament Cityscape at it yet again with another killer EP, The Pulsing Wet.

What I Like: Every now and then an artist perfectly nails the feel of an album with a simple title, and this is most certainly one of those times. These are 19 straight minutes of moist, undulating grooves that are at once violent and strangely sensual. "Lustre" is a strong opener with a highly infectious bass hook and wailing guitars straight out of NIN's The Fragile or With Teeth. Backed once more by the reverb-infused sludge vocals, it makes for quite the head-bobbing journey. "Bleedback Loop" goes for a more aggressive industrial metal sound with plodding, machine-like drumming and imposing melodies that seem to physically drag through an endless expanse of thick sand. The oasis in the second half is one of the most stunningly ethereal slices of post-metal I've come across in recent memory. And once more "The Great Reveal" brings us full circle back to where we started, sounding almost like a direct spiritual successor to "The Way Out Is Through."

Critiques: The only thing I can think to play with in the future are some vocal hooks to really step up the memorability factor.

The Verdict: With the bass guitar really shining as its guiding force and clear allusions to my favorite era of Nine Inch Nails, with its own spin on it of course, The Pulsing Wet is another fantastic EP from Lament Cityscape. I'd ask for a full album, but it might ruin their perfect bite sized nature.

Flight's Fav's: Lustre

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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