The Next Gojira

Dec. 12, 2016


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The Pitch: Russian prog band Karma Rossa channel Tool, Gojira, and others on Talks To Innerself

What I Like: These compositions are gorgeous.  There are so many great hooks and killer drum patterns that if you blink you might miss one.  This album is valiantly true to the prog label in that they don't stick to a verse-chorus-verse structure; prefering to let the instruments dictate their own space.  Just when you start to love a particular stretch, it will mature into something else completely.  The masterful implementation of piano and saxophone only furthers the lush landscape of sound on display.

What I Don't Like: The vocals are fine, and I appreciate that they are sparing, but they're also the one area where I could see a little more push leading to a future album of the year.

The Verdict: Talks to Innerself is a triumph of musicianship and essential listen for prog metal fans everywhere.  With continued effort, I see this band making some big waves in the future.  We are ready for the next Gojira.

Flight's Fav's: "The Endless Universal Hysteria," "From War to War," "Frozen Deserts"