The Mortal Coil

Dec. 28, 2017


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The Pitch:  Djenty metalcore goodness from Australia's Polaris takes me back to the early 2000's. FFO: Underoath, Architects, A Day To Remember

What I Like: If you loved albums like They're Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line, this is definitely the one for you. Very few bands these days recapture that perfect union of emo ethos and poppy melodicism with hard-hitting metalcore intensity; but dammit Polaris have pretty much nailed it with The Mortal Coil. It wavers wistfuly between the headbanging riffage and raw passion of Architects and the melancholic singing of The Story So Far. I'm generally more inclined towards the aggressive side of the coin, like the raging opener of "Casualty," but without the offset of moodier, drifting compositions like "Dusk To Day" I can't say that they would carry the same punch.

Critiques: Credit to this band for pulling off a sound that brings me back to high school, but also points-off for lacking originality. Most of what you'll find here has already been done about the same or better on previous classics. That's not a major detraction from my ability to enjoy The Mortal Coil, but it helps to better ground my final score in the big scheme of things.

The Verdict: The Mortal Coil is a consistently passionate and engaging album that should appeal to fans of the early mainstream metalcore scene as well as those who simply appreciate some more radio-friendly elements to round out their metal experience. Listen below.

Flight's Fav's: Lucid, Consume, Casualty

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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