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Sept. 13, 2017


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The Pitch:  Transcending Obscurity presents talented Indian progressive metal supergroup The Minerva Conduct; featuring members of Demonic Resurrection, Gutslit, and Albatross and drumming and synths from Entheos, ex-Animals as Leaders' Navine Koperweis. FFO: Animals as Leaders, Chronologist, Invoking the Abstract

What I Like: Masterful musicianship.  That could stand as an adequate two-word review for The Minerva Conduct.  This album is brimming with magical guitar melodies, epic bass grooves, and stunning kit work.  And the band wastes little time getting started with "Vile," a track that sounds like full-aggro Periphery sans vocals.  The similarities are so strong that I could actually hear in my head what Spencer Sotello might sound like screaming and singing over these technical, djenty hooks. But for those out there less inclined towards metalcore, you're spared such deliveries and left free to interpret the music as you please; be it through a filter of Meshuggah or Animals as Leaders.  And like the latter, The Minerva Conduct don't need vocals to convey their message.  The adept compositional work takes full adventage of progressive song structures, and once channeled through this talented group of musicians you know everything you need to know without a single word spoken.  And the synth additions really do knock things up a notch as on "Unearth" and "Desertion"

Critiques: Some of these songs go on just a little too long.  Again, these guys do a great job at keeping the full duration interesting, but trimming just a minute here or there would tighten things up.  I am particularly thinking of the somewhat unnecessary ambient outros to "Desertion" and "Exultant," which could have at least been turned into a standalone interludes.

The Verdict: A highly compelling and sonically satisfying instrumental album in the progressive genre.  Perhaps the best of its kind that I have heard this year.  With tracks that are consistently both heavy and expressive, there is little not to love even if you're someone who usually scoffs at music without vocals.  Get it this Friday.

Flight's Fav's: Vile, Metanoia, Appetence

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