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March 22, 2019


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New York eclectic death metal crew The Illusory Self (members of The Hudson Horror, Dead Wake) have a new release coming this April and we've got the exclusive premiere of the Twin Peaks-inspired track "Blue Roses."

Full disclosure, frontman Dan and I have been friends since his The Hudson Horror days, conversing about music and trading spicy memes for about 4 years now, but don't let that take away too much from my overall message. In short, The Illusory Self is made up of a very talented group of musicians, and I'm honored to share the first single, "Blue Roses."

Ya'll know I'm a sucker for all things Twin Peaks, and like the mythos that this song takes its name from, the music of this band is a unique entity indeed. What follows is an eclectic mashup of familiar elements reassembled in fresh and exciting ways; a doppleganger of sorts. Yes, I'm going to keep going with the references. All of the usual tropes are there: death metal, metalcore, deathcore, and more; but something about their presentation simply feels different. "I'm not me!" cries Diane.

I hear As I Lay Dying-esque riffs, a ripping melodeath guitar solo, brutal Cannibal Corpse growls, and even a very Within The Ruins-y hook around the 2:40 mark... yet none of these fully capture the intentions of the band as a whole. Other highlights from the EP to look forward to: the vicious intro to "Dead Gods," the jazzy guitar and bass interlude that offsets the breakdowns of "Incendiary," and the chilling, atmospheric synth oping to "Inclined To Shadows."

As someone who listens to dozens of albums each week, it really makes a difference when bands do something a little different. That, perhaps above all else, is what I respect about The Illusory SelfDead Gods is a delightful melting pot of everything Dan and I have reminisced about loving over the years; all repackaged into something that is innately their own. Preorder the album today, and watch for an inteview on the Trench Talk Podcast (YouTube, iTunes, Castbox) closer to release.

Flight's Fav's: Blue Roses, Incendiary

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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