The Hammering Process

Nov. 11, 2015


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Lamantide is a 4 piece band from Cremona, Italy. Born in 2009, this was a group that described themselves to me initially as post-hardcore. If you pushed play before starting to read this, I imagine you are having the same confused initial reaction that I did. But don't mistake confusion with disinterest or displeasure.

The thing is, at least at first, Carnis Tempura: Abyssus's sounds like it has less to do with post-hardcore and more to do with Living Sacrifice. Lamantide shares the gruff, death metal vocals and stellar drumming. I am particularly enthusiastic about the latter, pounding out a technical landscape from "Caro Salutis Est Cardo" to "Io, Caronte." These beats are further emphasized by the guitar breaks and mini breakdowns between the screeching, discordant melodies.

But as the brief album progresses on, I do begin to hear more of the various parellels. There's a touch of what I heard from Anopheli. But also quite a bit of Nodes of Ranvier and perhaps Symphony in Peril's first album in the guitar work. Maybe even a dash of Zao? About halfway through there is a more traditional post-hardcore vocal delivery, and it was only then that I could see the guitar riffs fitting both styles. And Lamantide can also slow things down for some thick, resonant basslines and emotive picking.

In the end, closing track "Immortalis Lapis" goes down in a blaze of gloriously mathy drumming and squealing guitar dissonance. It's a great finish to the album, but it definitely left me wanting to hear more of what these Italians have to offer. Check out the stream below and name your price to help these guys out in their future endeavors.