The Hammer and The Cross

March 31, 2017


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The Pitch: Pagan and Celtic-themed blackened folk music from New York one-man project Papacy.  FFO Beithioch, Downfall of Nur, Myrkur

What I Like: I recieved this 2015 album on St. Patricks Day with the promise of "sweeping traditional Celtic atmospheres."  I was not dissapointed.  I've always wanted to visit Ireland, and this feels like the next best thing.  Ár Sinsear is the most grim tour of the Emerald Isle you are like to come across.  Featuring bagpipes, other traditional folk instruments, and ambient wind noises; sole member, Stressor, knows how to offset the heavier aspects of his sound in a very similar manner to Downfall of Nur.  Guest vocals from Mers Sumida (Black Table) are a welcome addition as well.  Take the kvlt sounds of Satyricon's Dark Medieval Times and add these elements to create a dark but ultimately refreshing sound, indeed.

What I Don't Like: This project could use a little more finesse in terms of making the compositions as rewarding and smooth as possible, but overall I am enjoying the journey.

The Verdict: This is what Silent Hill might sound like if it was set in Ireland.  Hey, that sounds like a pretty amazing concept.  Patent pending.  Buy and stream below.

Flight's Fav's: Mourning The New Dawn, War March of The Elder Tribe, The Hammer and The Cross