The Grand Annihilation

June 14, 2017


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The Pitch: Mike Hill returns with his unpredictable Brooklyn project, Tombs, via Metal Blade Records.  Says Hill, "This is a very dark and introspective record that digs deep into the common ideas of mortality, infinity and cosmic mysteries... Once you realize that you follow the dark path, the path of the individual, there is a certain feeling of liberation that accompanies it."  FFO: Evocation, In The Company Of Serpents, Obituary

What I Like: There's a lot of talk about this band in terms of Mike not really giving a s#!t about audience expectations and constantly changing styles, but I'm not the best reviewer to speak on this point.  I'm coming in with the perspective of someone who never really got into Tombs from the beginning, so I have little comparison to draw from.  With that in mind, what I like and dislike about this album has everything to do with THIS album and others like it.  As the cover seems to suggest, there is a warlike element to the music.  This comes mostly from the guitars, which deliver some vaguely folky melodies a la Evocation; but with a constant pipeline of sludge aesthetic.  The vocals are similarly grounded in a certain level of filth.  Their 5-packs-a-day delivery make me crave a Ricola and some warm tea. But it's the clean baritones that pop up on "Underneath" that intrigue me further with a certain gothic mystery.

Critiques: Maybe it's just the hype surrounding this album, but I was kind of let down overall.  To me, there's not much I'm hearing that I haven't heard before, and the execution can be downright dull at times.

The Verdict: For all of the talk, my personal impression is that The Grand Annihilation is a pretty middle of the road album.  It could just be my personal tastes, but I don't see the band taking major risks or standing out all that much musically.  As always, I encourage you to make your own decisions by listening below and checking back Friday for its release.  Stream it early HERE.

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