The Furor (Exclusive Track and Review)

Feb. 28, 2017


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The Pitch: Australian blackened thrash band, featuring the drummer from Impeity, shares an exclusive track to their upcoming album.

What I Like: Cavalries of the Occult helps exemplify why I keep the 3 rating scale system.  Even though I have some of the qualms below, respect needs to be paid to how The Furor play their instruments.  This music is insanely fast and aggressively so.  The vocals are black metal to the bone, and the band overall has skills that will serve them well on future releases.  Just listen to the click clack of those drums and constantly shifting guitar riffs.  Add the thrashy soloing into the mix and things get pretty fierce.  Lots of styles on display too.  In just the song below I can hear everything from Slayer and Immortal to Behemoth.

What I Don't Like: I saw an interview not to long ago where a band's frontman was talking about how one can get so wrapped up in playing fast and proficiently as to lose track of the song.  My personal opinion is that this sometimes happens on this album.  Tracks can also be overlong for the content.

The Verdict: I am confident that The Furor are talented enough musicians to throw a real haymaker in their career, and the exclusive track below is testament to that.  I'd like to see them focus a bit more on songwriting and planning the album flow as a whole next time around, but I am duly impressed with their playing.  Buy and stream it on bandcamp this weekend on March 5th.

Flight's Fav's: Storm of Swords, Fomes Peccati, Cavalries of the Occult