The Divine Triumph

Oct. 2, 2018


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The Pitch: Melodic/blackened death metal from France's ACOD via Jive Epic / Sony Music Entertainment. FFO: Devildriver, Amon Amarth, Dalkhu

What I Like: ACOD largely toy with a combination of galloping Amon Amarth melodeath riffs and blackened tremolos with morose atmosphere and powerful symphonics. You can particularly hear those familiar viking vibes on "Tristis Unda," whose main guitar hook sounds straight out of Twiight Of The Thunder God. And while there is fair criticism to be made about them at times sounding too similar, The Divine Triumph does enough differently to warrant individual attention. For one, the horns and other instrumentation that bring some of these tracks to a, well, "triumphant" close add quite a bit to the overall impact. Additionally, the closest vocal comparison I could think of was actually Dez of Devildriver. This parallel became apparent once I got to tracks like "Broken Eyes." The delivery isn't quite as phlegmy or bombastic, but the similarities in their approach to death growls still stand.

Critiques: For all of its strengths, I get a similar feeling listening to this as I do watching the latest more peripheral Marvel film: it's fine. The album is enjoyable, I get into it while listening, and there are enough cool moments to keep me interested. But if I'm being fair, there isn't really anything here that I haven't already come across a thousand times before.

The Verdict: The Divine Triumph is a fun and well-performed bit of melodeath that should please those who like big, powerful, warlike songwriting. ACOD do a lot of things right with this album, but they also play it a little too safe. As a result, I question the memorability. Will it stick in my mind long enough that I'll end up coming back to it? Only time will tell.

Flight's Fav's: Omnes Tenebrae, Between Worlds, Tristis Unda

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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