The Crossing

Aug. 16, 2018


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The Pitch: The new album from Turkish progressive metalcore band Sails Of Serenity via Famined Records. FFO: ArchitectsTesseractErra

What I Like: There's lots of great metalcore happening outside of the US these days, but I think that Turkey is a new one for me. Following very closely in the vein of Architect's fusion of cathartic melody with groovy djent, Sails Of Serenity's new album is both crushing and highly infectious. The highlight is most certainly the guitar, although the drums aren't far behind. This album is overflowing with headbanging hooks backed by a great rhythm section. It's the type of music that should please fans of everything from Periphery to Darkest Hour.

Critiques: The vocals could use a little work in certain parts. There are a few questionable moments of sing-screaming, and more generally I'd prefer a little more range. Instrumentally, these guys still need to work on forging a sound that is their own.

The Verdict: The Crossing is a solid metalcore album from another band with plenty of promise. It's not the most original content out there, and as I said the vocals could use some ironing out, but overall I enjoyed the experience and encourage you to give it a listen. FULL STREAM HERE.

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- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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