The Call of the Void

Aug. 13, 2019


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The Pitch: New Jersey band Anticosm with their third album of "razor-edged black thrash n’ roll" via Hell Kill Destroy Records. FFO: Vektor, Skeletonwitch, Exmortus

What I Like: Aside from obvious comparisons to other blackened thrash groups, Anticosm's psychedelic album art, raspy old school vocals, and occasionally progressive song structures also draw lines of reference to the likes of Horrendous. I'm talking tracks like "Call of the Void" and "Fall Asleep"; with their killer riffs and the latter's absolutely righteous extended guitar solo. Even more straightforward fare like "Somewhere Between Life and Death" has something extra to offer with its Gothenburg-y hooks that recall the early days of In Flames. Guitar lovers will have plenty to work with in particular, but really everyone does an excellent job.

Critiques:  My biggest issue with the album is that its quality is a bit inconsistent. There's nothing really bad, just some lulls in energy that I didn't personally connect with. For instance, when you have a track less than 3 minutes long and called "Scorched Earth," I expect a tight barn burner, but honestly it ends up being one of the weaker moments despite its kickass intro.

The Verdict: Take my nitpicking with a grain of salt. This is coming from a guy who still find The Jester Race to be a little sleepy. The Call Of The Void is an excellently played album that is brimming with excellent guitarwork and old school aesthetic. I just think that some of the songwriting and overall album structuring could use some minor tweaking to liven things up.

Flight's Fav's: Call Of The Void, Fall Asleep, Viral

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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