The Black Sun Also Rises

May 17, 2016


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So my dumb ass thought this was a new group.  Turns out True Black Dawn have been around the block, it's just been 15 years since they put out an album.  Formed in Finnland, the group was around for the 90's second wave scene, known only as Black Dawn.  After a legal despute with another band, they changed their name to the somewhat humerous jab they have now.  In some circles, it seems that Blood For Satan, is considered a classic, but I just wasn't cool enough to hear it.  In any case, as referenced in the title, they are back with Come the Colorless Dawn.

I can say this: 15 years doesn't seem to have aged their blackened spirits one bit.  This is very much black metal influenced by an amalgamation of 80's metal, gritty rock music, and a lot of face paint.  It's hard to describe the music without falling into cliche: evil minor chord structures, raging tremolos, eruptions of black 'n roll, and plenty of blastbeats to boot.  It's the same formula we know and love, and done very effectively.  Hey, if it ain't broke...

To name a few highlights: "Come the Colorless Dawn," "Cinereous," "The Sectile Shadow," and "Eyes of the Cadaver" are all excellent.  The entire album maintains a deliciously evil sentiment, and I feel these four tracks really crank the horns up to maximum levels.  I get particularly caught up in raging tremolo riffs recurring throughout "The Sectile Shadow," but there are some slower, more dramatic builds that also warrant your attention.

I would be lying if I said that Come the Colorless Dawn was a perfect album.  I only have one chief complaint, but it pops up more than once: the songs feel too long for what they are.  I feel like this style was built for quick punches to the gut.  True Black Dawn could stand to either tighten things up or add a bit more variety to their compositions to better pad out the length.  Even so, we're not talking much more than 5 minute tracks here, so the problem isn't grating.  Overall, I am enjoying subsequent spins and encourage you to check it out as well.  Full stream currently available HERE.