The Apostate Of Light

Sept. 28, 2017


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The Pitch: With members spread between the USA and Europe, Oculus is "orthodox black metal in the most classic sense, The Apostate of Light verily illuminates every crypt-dark passage with the blinding light of Lucifer." FFO: Outre, Deathspell Omega, Dodecahedron

What I Like: Prophetic calls from the infernal region.  The Apostate of Light is built out of a series of (by my own account)Satanic meditations and mantras spat forth by some dark priest.  The tracks are lengthy and often plodding; following tempered hypnotic grooves that occasionally erupt into more twisted, technical moments a la Deathspell Omega or Portal.  At full tilt the riffs are a swarm of locusts with thousands of wings and legs colliding to the sound of the drums.  But this is yet another album that is perhaps better understood in terms of experience and feeling as opposed to instrumentation.  There's such a depth of blackness and gloom that seems to swallow up the sunlight.  I'm not sure if it's possible to feel any joy while listening to this beast.

Critiques: Overall the album strikes me as a little slow and it took a few listens to take hold.  Even after sinking in, I still feel like there is something missing.  There's a bit too muchh repetition for my taste, even if it does a good job building tension and setting up the more climactic parts.

The Verdict: With its disturbing, sermonizing vocals and ever-winding tension, The Apostate Of Light is a truly unholy experience to behold.  If you feel like entering the cascading darkness and abandoning all hope, you should check this new release out today.

Flight's Fav's: Storms of Havoc, The Sour Waters of Life, The Apostate of Light

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