Nov. 15, 2017


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The Pitch: "From Brazil, underground masked entity Jupiterian reemerge with their unique brand of atmospheric sludge/doom metal. Haunting both musically and aesthetically, Jupiterian delve into subtler, more visceral sounds while retaining their crushing style." Via Transcending Obscurity. FFO: Doomed, Inter Arma, Monolithe

What I Like: Here we go again. Flight attempts to review doom metal. I try to avoid stumbling through this genre as much as possible, but after listening to "Forefathers" I had to at least take a stab at it. This track hits about midway through the album, and damn does it hit hard. The sludgy riffs and intense death metal vocals tower over the listener like smoke rising from a wildfire. The ever-present hallmarks of funeral doom lead to a pretty dynamic performance, but the crescendos of black and death metal elements are what really pop on this one. Same goes for the groovy closer, "Sol." But another likely draw is the title track, which features Maurice de Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues.  It's surprisingly laid back; focusing on sorrowful instrumentals and ambience, evoking plenty of emotions along the way. Across th board, I give Jupiterian major props for keeping this album varied and avoiding boring, repetetive slogs through the usual chord progressions.

Critiques: I actually have very little to add here. For one, I don't feel versed enough in doom to tell the band where to go from here. But more importantly, it feels like they did everything right for the style they were going for. From an Ebert standpoint, they hit the nail on the head.

The Verdict: Plenty of variety, thick atmosphere, and crushing vocals all make Terraforming a solid experience, even for a novice like me. This is one of those rare doom albums that I find enjoyable from start to finish, and it manages to be much be so much more than the genre tag might imply. Definitely check this one out regardless of any presuppositions.

Flight's Fav's: Forefathers, Terraforming, Sol

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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