Jan. 2, 2019


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The Pitch: Inertia is a stylistically diverse, experimental technical death metal band based out of Buffalo, NY. More best of the year material. FFO: Torrential Downpour, Car Bomb, Dead Empires

What I Like: This album sat in my wishlist for some time, which made me all the more apologetic for not getting to it sooner. In fact, I felt so bad after listening that I immediately emailed the band and made a point to get them on the sampler that we had already dropped that same day. This right here is my jam: highly technical, incredibly diverse, and wholly unique. Inertia are truly a hodgepodge of all of my favorite influences. There are noodly mathcore guitars a la Dillinger Escape Plan,  jazzy detours, deathcore breakdowns, and a big heaping dose of Beneath The Massacre-level technical death metal. The aptly-titled "Relax" even goes full math rock instrumental and would have been right at home on a Delta Sleep or Minus The Bear album. Speaking of which, give Teratoma AT LEAST through the second track to make a judgement call. "Ditention" is not a good indication of what to expect from these guys overall. It's a very eclectic album with some very different sound palettes.

Critiques: The cheesy early 00's metalcore-reminiscent spoken word on "Welcome Back" sounds pretty dated. The instrumental is lovely, but it's hard to take the lyrics seriously here in my 30's.

The Verdict: I'm gonna be honest with you; had I gotten to Teratoma earlier, it would have easily made my year-end lists. I would have dropped another band like a bad habit to free up a spot. Inertia are INSANELY talented, and this album speaks volumes about their capabilities as a unit. I know that this is a Name Your Price release, but I implore you to pay for it. It's easily worth full retail.

Flight's Fav's: Monkey's Paw, Pachyderm, Bubonic

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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