Take Me To Church

Oct. 1, 2015


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Repulsive Dissection is a technical brutal death metal band with members hailing from all over the globe. Dave Billia (Italy) is on drums, Tom Bradfield (UK) on vocals, Yura Kowalchuk (Ukraine) on guitars and Viktor Prokofjevs (Japan) on bass. And when these worldly people combine, the result is the complete spontaneous human combustion of Church of the Five Precious Wounds

There Will Be Blood + death metal? Where can I sign up? This album, in its own messed up, chaotic, tech death kind of way way, seems to tell a story. Each track opens with a sound clip that is generally inflammatory towards the church and organized religion. There's even one from Mr. Matthew "Alritre alrite alrite" M himself. What follows is pure, unbridled ruthlessness. The only thing that keeps me from fully calling this deathgrind is that the tracks still maintain functional lengths and carry themselves well through more than just a few seconds.

Vocals are just plain brutal. They alternate between extreme polarities, either presenting as visceral shrieks or deep, gutteral growls. The bass and guitar follow suit with a complete disregard for your listening comfort. Soundscapes and rhythms change so quickly and without warning as to leave you in an increased state of anxiety and alarm. It's that feeling you get when you know you left something important at home, but you don't have time to go get it. Or, ya know, a bear is mauling you.

There are a few hooks to be found amidst the insanity. "Confirmation" has a recuring little blast of rock and roll guitar between the shifting blastbeats and regurgitation while "Missionary" has a catchy groove to certain parts that give the brain a bit of respite in the decreased speed. I actually have time to better comprehend what I am listening to in real time on this one, but that doesn't make it any less dissonant...it's just a slower kind of ugly. Damned if those drums aren't a little sexy though.

Normally, I don't get turned on by much in this ruthless brutal style. I was never a hardcore Cannibal Corpse or Dying Fetus fan. I still listen to the classic debut from Morbid Angel and scratch my head. And yet this slice of morbid hatredy somehow manages to rub me just right. Part of it is just sheer impressive musicianship, but there is also a keen sense of structure and subtle use of melody. It's hidden well, but it's there. Fittingly "Zealot" reminds me at times of Gigan, which is a valid parallel even if this is less psychodelic and more married to the oldschool.

Church of the Five Precious Wounds is out today and can be purchased via the link above on Big Cartel. You can also stream the trailer and a full track below to see what you think. Highly recommended and one of the only brutal death albums that made a real impression on me this year. Have fun at church, kids.