May 10, 2016


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I must say, Inferior,  is a bit of a misnomer, because this band is anything but.  In fact, I would venture to call The Red Beast the best straight-up thrash metal album I have heard in a long time.  These guys have earned their place in being compared to major groups like Sepultura, Slayer, and Legion of The Damned.  The band developed back in 2006 with their first full length, Unsoiled, not coming out until 2013.  But it seems that extensive touring has truly allowed this band to recreate the energy of the stage in their latest outing without compramise.

Aside from the hint of death growl in the vocal performance, Inferior is all about the thrash.  True to the blueprint, songs are based around orgasmic guitar hooks played at top speeds.  Leading single, "Own Your Honor: makes this apparent from the get-go with a set of riffs that won me over on this album in just a few seconds.  All it took was a few notes and the endless double-bass to get me head-banging right at my desk.  The intensity and catchiness are every bit as infectious as Seasons in The Abyss, missing only the years of fine aging.

But who knows what time might bring?  With all of these hits, who is to say that The Red Beast couldn't reach a similar status?  It may not be as ground-breaking, but with all of these hits I'm not sure it will matter.  "Divine Spectres," "Continuous Resentment," and "The Righteous Will Rise" are three tracks that alone form a triad of neck-snapping awesomeness.  Each of these songs serve as the recipe for the perfect mosh pit.  Something about the selection of notes between the chugging palm mutes and rumbling bass guitar just gets under your skin.

And the fun hardly stops there.  This is 40 minutes of metal contained within a can of Red Bull.  Just pop the top and let the energy infusion begin.  The double bass will get you moving, the vocals will get you singing along, and the solos will get you doing the most glorious air-guitar antics ever witnessed.  There is nary a dull moment.  I, for one, am very excited to see where Inferior take things from here.  The only thing left to say is that it may be time consider changing their name to "Superior."