Super Technical, Super Fun

April 7, 2016


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Fleshgore are a brutal death metal band from Ukraine. The group has played tours and festivals in 19 countries over Europe and Australia including Wacken.  For fans of groups like Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Wormed and Virulency; Denial of the Scriptures is a wet dream of technical, face pummeling madness.

The album pulls no punches (aside from that direct uppercut to the jaw), instead cutting (stabbing, really) right to the chase with "Talk to Me About God."  This is no thoughtful sermon.  Ruslan grunts his way into your brain and devours it from the inside out.  It's a hot slice of brutality served up just the way we like it.  And that's not even to mention to the drums and guitar.  Lev and Igor, respectively, absolutely dominate every inch of this album with some of the cleanest, tightest riffs and patterns you've heard to date.

"Inception of Incursion" is another great example with the drums never skipping a beat despite being constantly at the precipice of complete anarchy.  Blasts to rolls to triplets to god only knows what.  Having only played drums a few short years in my youth, I am embarrassed to even attempt discussing, much less trying to play, what is going on here.  You just have to hear if for yourself.  And the guitarwork is never far behind with a never-ending clockwork of distorted brutality.

Seriously, this album is nuts.  If you enjoy stuff like Gloom, you definitely should check out Fleshgore.  These guys are amazingly impressive musicians who never fail to get the heart pumping and put a grin on your face.  It's the perfect union of metal comfort food with undeniably difficult showmanship.  This album makes me want to break my face and bleed all over myself while pretending to be a tyrannosaurus rex stomping through a local playground.  If that sounds as fun to you as it does to me, press play below.  You can pick up digital pretty cheap too.