Spotted Horse

May 15, 2019


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The Pitch: Austin, Texas-based trio Glassing blend post-hardcore and post-metal with ambient sensibilities on their sophomore opus Spotted Horse. FFO: Oathbreaker, Alcest, The Drowned God

What I Like: More great dynamics on this one. Spotted Horse achieves both noise-ridden highs and understated lows over the course of its runtime. Opening track, "When You Stare" sounds like a treacherous climb to the peak of some God-forsaken mountain. I can almost feel the frost on my face with its icy atmosphere and forlorn emotional aesthetic. Tortured post-hardcore howls punctuate every new foothold as chaotic, sludgy chords simulate precarious avalanches of rock and snow. Awash in reverb, the mix and overall production amplify an already cold and haunting experience. More impressive still, the way in which Glassing so seamlessly traverse both grim darkness and ethereal light is often quite breathtaking. Tracks like "Lobe" seem to have more in common with Scandinavian hardcore groups like Eglise or LLNN with their concise, abrasive duality of destructive distortion and shimmering hooks. Others like "A Good Death" find us drifting through wispy clouds of post-rock ambience, jammy basslines, and clean vocals that seem to call out from a dream.

Critiques: Aside from a general familiarity with all of these elements, I have nothing negative to say about the execution.

The Verdict: Spotted Horse is a deeply stirring experience that seems to exist at some strange crossroads between Converge's Jane Doe and Explosions In The Sky. Powerful performances, calculated songwriting, and excellent production choices all add up to Glassing knocking this one completely out of the stratosphere. More AOTY material.

Flight's Fav's: When You Stare, Lobe, Way Out

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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