Spiritual Bedlam

March 20, 2017


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The Pitch: From Sepulchral Productions, Québec black metal band Délétère bring unbridled catharsis to the darkness.  FFO Death Karma, Cult of Fire, Mgla

What I Like: This band wastes no time letting us know what they are about.  The atmosphere, the raw and powerful vocal performance, the mournful guitars; all part of a beautiful spiral into spiritual bedlam.  I defintely hear some similarities to Infernal Vlad's projects given the use of organ and other subtle instrumentation.  If nothing else, this is going to engage your emotions.

What I Don't Like: Unfortunately, as a huge fan of Cult of Fire and Death Karma, this falls short in from a compositional standpoint.  After the first two tracks, Délétère's approach comes off as repetetive.  In isolation, I enjoy every track; but taken together one after another it definitely runs together.

The Verdict: A genuine and powerful emotional experience of a black metal album, but one that could benefit from more variation from track to track that we see on masterpieces like The History Of Death & Burial Rituals part IBUY IT HERE.

Flight's Fav's: II - Le Lai de la Vermine, V - Ordo Regis Caedis De Devoratione Corporis ...