Smells Like Armpit, Sounds Like Metal

Nov. 10, 2015


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Herida Profunda ("Deep Wound") are a Hardcore/Crust and metallic punk band from Poland/UK. You know what that means. You had me at D-Beat. This self-titled album was recorded back in 2013, but it is every bit worth your time today. Just trust me. As Tyler Durden says, "How much can you know about yourself, you've never been in a fight? I don't wanna die without any scars."

The easiest comparison here is Toxic Narcotic, an early 90's gutter punk group with a penchant for extreme vocals classy track names such as "F@#k You" and "People Suck." What really grabs me instantly is the catchy as f#$k tone and groove. Right from the first proper track, "Spalone mosty," we are treated to just that. The tone is unmistakably punk but for the death metalish vocals, and the guitars like to play with dissonant harmonics and string scratches just as much as power chords.

But my favorite piece of instrumentation? the filthy, clunky basslines. the one featured on "Strach" is a grimy cross between The Offspring's "Defy You" and Filter's classic "Hey Man Nice Shot. Slower works just as well. In a close second are the larger than life drums that never cease to get you moving. This effect is most apparent on "Paraliż," an amazingly heavy track that makes me wanna slam dance all over a sweaty, smelly underground venue in Detroit, London, or Germany.

Or speaking of Brad Pitt, get you fill your Nazi scalp quota with the rousing "Pierwsi do gazu." After the excellent sample for Inglorious Basterds, this song hits harder than the Bear Jew's bat. So in sum, Herida Profunda is a kickass slice of metallic punk that is sure to get your 20th Century (digital boy) blood flowing again. I even dig the ambient intro. What is it with the noisiest bands (Pig Destroyer) delving into this style? For contrast? To preserve sanity? In any case, you can buy the album at the price of your choosing on bandcamp. They also recently released a split you can find there as well.