June 7, 2018


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The Pitch: Singlar is a dank, solo experimental hardcore/mathcore project based out of Malaysia. FFO: Converge 

What I Like: I think Malaysia is a first for me, so add another tack to the corkboard map. Mierul has done an excellent job with these 15 minutes of music; demonstrating both strong performances and a wide palette of songwriting ability. He seems equally comfortable with your typical Converge-y mathcore tracks like "Land of the Dead" and "Obey the System" as with more experimental/blackened/post-metal material like "Redcross" and "The Complete Loss Of Spineless Brain." Those looking for a straight-forward headbanging romp may find themselves confused and frightened, but with the right expectations you'll be rewarded.

Critiques: Not every experiment pans out for me. "アニダ" in particular feels a bit meandering and disrupts the otherwise balanced energy flow. I get the sense that Miierul is still wisely playing around with conventions to figure out what does and doe not work.

The Verdict: Singular's S/T EP showcases another artist willing to push boundaries and try new things in an old genre. While the final product isn't perfect, at this point I think I prefer a slightly flawed slice of innovation to the same old thing in a shiny new package.

Flight's Fav's: Land Of The Dead, Obey The System, Scophobia

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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