Silver Thorns Into Infinity

Jan. 10, 2018


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The Pitch: Eclectic black and doom metal from India's Nightgrave. FFO: Underdark, Au-Dessus, The Clearing Path

What I Like: Nightgrave likes to dabble in many subgenres. While Silver Thorns Into Infinity creates a cohesive narrative in the end, each track contributes a different mood and style. You've got "Lacerated Addiction," which is more of your traditional, dark black and doom. Meanwhile, "Silver Thorns Into Infinity" takes a more melodic approach, borrowing heavily from the atmospheric and post-black camps. Then there is the nearly 15 minute "I Am The Winter Mist," which is something else entirely. This track opens like a folky, acoustic interlude; but the further it progresses, the more experimental it becomes. Finally, we have "Verglas," which more or less is a straightforward acoustic closer. I daresay this track sports a bright and hopeful sound; one which contrasts sharply with everything that comes before.

Critiques: While I appreciate the varied textures and lurking surprises, there is a little too much downtime for my taste. I've always been more of a black metal fan than a doom fan, so I find myself yearning for a little more speed and aggression. Those more down with the latter genre will probably enjoy this all the more.

The Verdict: Nightgrave is an inventive project that shows little regard for boundaries and 100% focus on the creative process. Compositions are strong and engaging, even if this jaded thrasher prefers his metal harder and faster. Stream it below.

Flight's Fav's: Lacerated Addiction, I Am The Winter Mist

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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