Short and Sweet(ly Destructive)

April 26, 2016


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Since 2008, Dominhate have been doing just what they want to do: putting out sheer neck-breaking death metal.  This group from Pordenone, Italy worships the ground of groups like Morbid Angel and Incantation.  Now via Lavadome, the group has released Emissaries of Morning: 5 tracks (technically 4) to help throw your head right off of your shoulders.  And what this release may lack in length, it makes up for in impact.

There's really little else to say.  The vocals?  They're plenty depraved, seeming to choke forth from the frontman's deepest of bowels.  The guitars?  Blackened tremolo lines a la Vader and chugging breaks as far as the eye can see.  It may lack much depth, but the dark melodies are perfectly chosen and never lack energy.  The drums?  Phenominal.  Blasts, double-bass, and work with the sticks apummel you senseless like the Flash swallowed a barrel of bath salts.

I guess I'm particularly fond of "Awakening Confessiones" and "Faith Delirius Imago," but any one of these tracks has earned its place on your metalhead basement party mix.  Just throw on your black, sleeveless band T-shirt, grab a six pack of Bud, and don't forget the boombox.  This music was made for just such an event.  And that's enough said really.  All you need to do is press play below and take this monster for a spin of your own.  Enjoy the ride.