Shadows of Ruin

March 21, 2017


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The Pitch: Debut EP from Scandinavian-influenced black metal from South England's Crimson Throne via Apocalyptic Witchcraft.  FFO Murg, Taake, early Enslaved

What I Like: Everything you could want from your traditional black metal classics is on display with this EP.  The first two tracks are pure Norwegian goodness filled with mysterious and foreboding guitar melodies and snarling vocals.  The hooks are catchy in a cold and thrashy kind of way; similar to those heard on albums like Frost and Vikingligr Veldi, and with a few solos for good measure.  But things take a twist in the second half towards a more ambient version to impending horror on "Fog of War."  Not unlike Schammasch and Titaan, Crimson Ruin are able to approach the darkness of this genre from more than one angle.

What I Don't Like: It's a little short to get a full sense of what these guys are all about at this point, but I'm pleased with what I'm hearing so far.

The Verdict: Hopefully but a taste of future works from this promising group.  I'll be interested to hear more.

Flight's Fav's: Forgotten Nobility, Praetorian March