May 30, 2018


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The Pitch: Kansas City, Mo based tech death group Ahtme (previously The Roman Holiday) have released their latest album via Unique Leader Records. "Sewerborn features 47 minutes of jaw dropping guitar playing, sickening brutality, and an unrelentingly ferocious and horrifying atmosphere." FFO: Archspire, Abnormality, Aborted

What I Like: Another day, another death metal record. I keep telling myself that I'm going to slow down, but with so many killer bands pouring through the floodgates it's hard to say no. Ahtme are one that I previously caught wind of with the 2015 album The Demonization, and they've only seemed to improve with time. Sewerborn is as impressive as it is off-putting. Peep that album art. It's downright uncomfortable to look at...which is the perfect tone to set for this record. The guitar riffs, while sharp and technical, have a certain filthiness to them. It's as if these hooks truly are caked in sewage. Similarly, the brutal vocals sound like Swamp Thing regurgitating pools of loathsome, potent slime. It's a sickening display to behold. If you're looking for a little variation, I encourage you to check out the Eastern influences creeping into "Sea Of Sand" and "Summoning Shiba" as well as a very Archspire-sounding approach to "To Exist."

Critiques: Ahtme aren't boat-rockers. They keep their music in a very safe space, sometimes to a fault. Certain tracks like "The Stench of Farooq" are largely generic and forgettable. Also, the weird shouted vocals towards the end of "Contort and Control" were a poor choice. Let's not do that anymore. Finally, there's a hidden bonus track...what is this, 1995? (I kid)

The Verdict: Sewerborn is a fun album that will leave you feeling violated and dirty in the best possible way. Ahtme continue to tighten their sound and improve their craft enough to warrant critical attention, but there is also still work to be done. Keep up the pace, guys. I truly enjoyed this and look forward to hearing what the next one brings.

Flight's Fav's: Lord of Shit, To Exist, Subserviant

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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