Set the World on Fire

Aug. 13, 2015


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So for various reasons, I'm going to keep this one short. The focus of this recommendation is Russia's Sarpentra. If you like Behemoth, you will love Sarpentra. This latest release has every bit of blackened death metal bite as Demigod. It's Sulphur Aeon minus Cthulu. Riffs carry plenty Nile influence as well. In other words, this is certainly heavy and has the same ancient vibe. The album is very uniform in its attack, leaving little room for respite.

There are a few softer touches to offset the endless onslaught. In particular, I like the ethereal synths in “Splendor Solis” and a few other tracks. The sound of the choir gives everything that "O Fortuna" treatment. There is some particularly wicked guitar work on the appropriately-titled “I Set the World on Fire.” And the operatic backup vocals and symphonic flourishes on “Supernova” definitely add some freshness to the formula. Vocals are absolutely reckless in their oppression, and the kit work is equally insane.

All in all, Sarpentra aren't dishing out anything particularly original, but damned if it ain't enjoyable. Compositions are sound, production is tight, and there is little here not to like. Check it out today.