Sept. 17, 2015


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If early Soulfly or Roots-era Sepultura had taken a different path years ago, and still had the angst and energy that only comes with youth, it might sound like Acrania. The minimalistic hardcore approach of the vocals belies the technical nature of the misicianship. Groovy, jazzy basslines and guitarwork, especially on "Poverty is in the Soul" shine forth between blasts of punk rock and mathcore. And lets not forget the horns and sax. The sax solo and bongos on "I Was Never Dead" are sure to lure in a few beatniks before their high gets harshed by the screaming and feedback. Same goes for the trumpet on "Blinded By Power."

Some of the guitar work reminded me of The Number 12 Looks Like You, particularly "The Garden's All Nighters." Then we get doses of other sounds south of the border with the interlude, "En El Puerto" (In the Door). Fans of Dreadnought might dig the similar ideas with jazz fusion here, but I personally prefer the approach that Acrania takes. And even when these elements are dialed back, these fellas just know how to kill it with their instruments. Listen to that blistering guitar solo(s) on "Man's Search for Meaning." Paging metal Santana.

You can pick this up for just over $5 on bandcamp today. If you like things that are innovative, cultural, but still heavy-hitting; Fearless is an experience that you do not want to miss