Sense Offender / Pupil Slicer Split

Feb. 28, 2019


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The Pitch: UK hardcore/mathcore groups Sense Offender and Pupil Slicer join forces to unleash their fury in deadly solidarity. FFO: Botch, Eglise, Vein

What I Like: If there's something I love the most about the digital age, it's the increased viability of EP's and singles. I was never interested in paying store prices for 3 songs on a disc, but in the iTunes era bands are free to release material in small doses as they please and still expect fans to add it to their collection. Such should be the case with this new split between Sense Offender and Pupil Slicer. Covering about 11 minutes in just 4 tracks, not a second of your time is wasted. Sense Offender's side combines intense, sludgy vocals (and a few death growls to boot) with pummeling beats and metallic riffs to craft something that truly is "goddless." These monstrous tracks are further aided by more than a tinge of darkened Scandinavian aesthetic. Pupil Slicer take a more straightforward hardcore approach with snarling, higher pitched vocals and emphasis on raw, DIY production. Their more traditional sound offers a nice counterpoint to SO's without being any less impactful.

Critiques: Nada. Just looking forward to hearing more in the future.

The Verdict: Fantastic, abrasive stuff. The first really great split of the year for me, and absolutely worthy of your hard-earned scratch. Heres to hearing more from both of these bands in the future. Listen early HERE. Be sure to check out our review and stream of Sense Offender's previous LP HERE.

Flight's Fav's: All 4 are equally good, though I'm just slightly biased towards Sense Offender's side.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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