Scholars of War

March 25, 2019


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The Pitch: Orlando-based hardcore/noise rock trio The Glorious Rebellion drop a highly metallic new EP via Sludgelord Records. FFO: Norma Jean, Helmet, Harms Way

What I Like: While there is a common thread of metallic hardcore running through these 3 songs, each has something a little different to offer. "This Is Fine" sounds like Norma Jean and Stray From The Path meets Helmet, with a little early Deftones thrown into the intro riff. Rumbling bass groove and rebellious dissonance make this track the best kind of hypnosis. "Turn Around Bright Lights," while still head-bobbingly infectious in its own rite, leans more heavily on a Meantime aesthetic with alternative riffs and bleak atmosphere that only the 90's can deliver. Finally, The Glorious Rebellion close things out with the 9+ minute "Burn It Down Lemon." This track kicks off once more with a high octane hardcore approach, but settles into some sludge sensibilities and a different approach to vocals. 

Critiques: That final track drags on too long for its own good, and I'm not a fan of the yowling Anselmo impression. Less of this in the future, please.

The Verdict: Scholars of War is a nice showcase of what The Glorious Rebellion brings to the table. While not every track lands perfectly, the quality and visceral impact of "This Is Fine" alone makes me excited to hear more. Count me in.

Flight's Fav's: This Is Fine

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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