Sept. 18, 2015


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In case my weak little pun didn't make sense, the point is that these guys love Megadeth. I can almost hear Mustaine singing over the first minute of "Hell on Earth." And hey, if you love you some guitar, it's hard to go wrong with such an influence. Get ready for some thrash metal from Bavaria.

In addition to the familiar riffing style, the singer has a similar delivery as well. It's not so nasally, but the other elements are all there. Mix in a bit of a Venom-like half growl and you've got it. But back to the guitar: the delicious acrobatics are definitely smokin'. Check out the tapping on "Psycho." Aside from being just plain impressive, these skills are woven into ear-catching melodies that place entertainment above sheer musicianship. The "Hot for Teacher"-esque drum breaks are another great idea that brings this song to life.

Now I'll put it out there, I like this album. However, not unlike Megadeth, there are a few missteps here and there. I've moved beyond sharing specific negatives, as this might unduly influence someone else's level of enjoyment. In general, there is room to grow in overall vocal presence, but it's still a good starting position for the genre. I also always recommend pairing down tracks more than this across the board. But as a musician, I can see it can be hard to give up even one of your babies.

But for every stumble, there is a cool "Pray for Death" solo or neat little proggy transition on "Overdrive." I also like the overall approach to "I See Fire." It does a nice job of walking the line between darker and upbeat arrangements. All in all, I recommend you check this out for yourself. Given the great axe work in particular, I am excited to see what Running Death does in the future.