Ritual of Awesomeness

Feb. 22, 2017


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The Pitch: Minneapolis technical death metal band Reaping Asmodeia gets some much deserved major label love with Impuritize through Prosthetic Records.  FFO Aborted, Within The Ruins, Abnormality, The Overmind

What I Like: These Minnesotan's don't say "eh" or "dontchaknow."  They're too busy sandblasting your face off via implacable hooks.  Reaping Asmodeia open up the album already on a very high note with the technical prowess of "The Clemency Guise" and never waver for a second until the album is finished.  The riffs are just so damn tasty whether you rate them simply in terms of sheer speed, pristine technique, or variation of timing and style.  I'm also impressed at how they so brilliantly walk the tightrope between more core/djent influenced bands in terms of tone, use of melody, and production while still maintaining an elitist-pleasing level of brutality.  There is not a bad song on this album.  Between the fierce, Aborted-ish vocals, endlessly entertaining guitar, and ultraviolent drumming; this is a record I see myself coming back to quite a bit this year.

What I Don't Like: I'd like to see the band try to venture out a bit more in terms of originality, but everything else is cake.

The Verdict: Regoddamdiculous powerhouse of an album that is sure to get casual fans banging their heads and musicians reaching for their guitars and tablature.  They can defenestrate me anytime.  Album releases 2/24, but you can catch the early full stream below

Flight's Fav's: The Clemency Guise, Hidebound, Of Talons and Teeth