"Rising" Exclusive Premiere

Nov. 11, 2016


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The Pitch: Lucifer's Cold Embrace is a melodic black metal project form the mind of Martin van Beek (Non-Divine).  Inspired by bands like Naglfar, Dissection, and Dimmu Borgir; it is a decidedly aggressive and dramatic affair.  Martin has also been gracious enough to give Metal Trenches the exclusive early stream of the opening track, "Rising."

What I Like: I certainly hear the influence of the bands listed above, but the closest comparison for me is Carach Angren.  Martin has a similar vocal delivery in both tone and cadence which is one of the things I like most about that band.  The symphonic additions draw similar comparisons, though they are more subdued and second wave in nature than CW's decidedly more Danny Elfman-like verboseness.  I am also digging the guitar riffs that have some Gothenburg flair a la Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates.

What I Don't Like: Overall, I really enjoy all 5 of these songs; though I do feel like the last two being the more somber of the bunch end up feeling not quite as strong.  It's a pretty minor critique.  I would also like to see Martin stretch into more uncharted territory next time around to make this sound truly his own.

The Verdict: Sovereign Heresy is a fabulous bit of harsh, melodramatic black metal that has a lot to enjoy compositionally, but could benefit in the future from taking a few more original liberties with the genre to step into true greatness.

Flight's Fav's: 'Rising,' 'Black Death'

Check Lucifer's Cold Embrace out on Facebook.  Sovereign Heresy drops November 18th, 2016.  Stream "Rising" and the lyric video for "The Gift of Life" below.