Red Sky

Feb. 10, 2020


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The Pitch: Portugal-based "post-death metal"/progressive deathcore band NADA drop their debut album Red Sky. FFO: Make Me A Donut, Kardashev, Target

What I Like: Given the djenty riffs, vocal approach, and dynamic songwriting, I feel comforable labeling Red Sky as a work of progressive deathcore; but I also appreciate the self-applied label of "post-death metal." It's a term I have actually used before to describe Ulcerate's sound, and NADA is similarly combining the bleak, tension-building elements of post-metal with death aggression and riffs. But subgenres aside, this album is just damn good. I love the morose, despairing atmosphere and how it creates a perfect counterpoint to the proggy chugging and wicked snarls. Furthermore, the stellar pacing and ongoing ups and downs make for a very fruitful and engaging 26 minute experience that speaks volumes without ever overstaying its welcome.

Critiques: I don't really have anything to add or subtract from this thing. Great work and I'm intrigued to hear where things go from here.

The Verdict: Red Sky is a perfectly balanced journey that is heavy-hitting enough for the deathcore fan, but subtle and dynamic enough for the prog and post crowd. Give NADA some love by throwing them some cash for the download (it'sName Your Price) and sharing it with the world.

Flight's Fav's: Doomed, Red Sky, Machine

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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