Sept. 14, 2017


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The Pitch: "Aggressive electronic music pulling from the styles of breakcore, cybergrind, digi-grind, metal, industrial metal, hip-hop, and IDM."  This is Technicyst Fix. FFO: Igorrr, Boobs of Doom, The Algorithm

What I Like: I have a hard time objectively reviewing this kind of music since I don't have much experience with it beyond listening to a lot of cEvin Key projects and some Aphex Twin throughout college.  Even so, I know what I like, and something about Reconciliation​-​as​-​a​-​Service caught my attention right off the bat.  While it lacks the baroque elements and spontaneous screaming of Igorrr, their more electronic moments warrant a comparison.  This isn't some crappy club EDM.  Technicyst Fix deliver a noisy, chaotic, and often abrasive Frankenstein monster of digital sound.  The random pace changes and explosions of sonic violence make this album feel like breakcore re-imagining of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Critiques: Again, it's hard for me to get critical about a genre about which I am largely clueless.  Overall my impression is that this is a really solid 15 minutes or so of interesting music.

The Verdict: Math and grindcore for cyborgs, or IDM for twisted metalheads?  Whether you listen to a lot of electronic music or not, there is much to love and admire about Technicyst Fix.  This album delivers its own take on technicality and conjures just as much nightmarish imagery as any metal release.  Do androids dream of electric sheep...or something more sinister entirely?

Flight's Fav's: Modified Boxplot, Its Concavity and Points of Inflection, Abscissa

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