Raw Death Metal

Dec. 15, 2016


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The Pitch: Finnish brutal old school death metal group with members of Solothus.

What I Like: This album is just so uncompramisingly raw.  The gutteral vocals and more grindcore screeches are extreme metal to the core.  D-beats and melding of simple chord progressions with melodic tremolo lines fuse the words of crust, melodeath, and blackened death nicely.  And that bass rumble is an ever-present visage of brutality.

What I Don't Like: It's fairly basic stuff that lacks much distinct personality.  I'd like to see them throw in some touches that scream "hey, we do this better than anyone else.  You will remember us or have your body broken."

The Verdict: At the Onset of Extinction is a fun romp through the world of early death metal, but the band could stand to take a few more strides towards differentiating themselves from the endless hordes.

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