Rash Reflection

April 27, 2017


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The Pitch: Debut from Brooklyn-based industrial project Statiqbloom, with plenty of love for a certain group of emaciated Canadian canines.  FFO Skinny Puppy, 3Teeth, Dead When I Found Her 

What I Like: As I stated in my Dead When I Found Her review, I am always on the hunt for music with that early Puppy sound.  They still put out some decent music, but Ogre and company are never going to release the next Too Dark Park or VIVIsectVI.  Enter young groups like Statiqbloom to fill that void.  Not only does Blue Moon Blood bring forth this classic sound, but they do so with the heavy 80's influence of early material like Cleanse Fold and Manipulate.  Some good examples include "Black Walks Eternal" and "Feel the Flesh," whose beats (dat echo effect!) and purposefully gritty vocals have plenty of gothic retro pop aesthetic to spare. Love those creepy synth lines on the latter track.  But showing plenty of versatility, there are other styles on display as well.  Some have more of a melodic soundscape approach as with cEvin Key's Brap outtakes and solo work.  "Talons Teeth," on the other hand, has an early Ministry vibe with its aggressive vocals and straightforward approach.  Personally, I think that "Nigredo" is the real masterpiece here.  Whatever magic went into this track: more please.

What I Don't Like: Some of the more traditional vocal choruses come off as a little hokey.  Other than that I think there is just general room for growth in terms of tightening up compositions and mixing of the album.

The Verdict: A synth-happy, retro-infused darkwave dance party that should please fans of classic industrial.  This is a shadowy, head-bobbing soundtrack that would work nicely at Portland's The Lovecraft bar.  Get it now.

Flight's Fav's: Nigredo, Talon's Teeth, Feel The Flesh