Dec. 29, 2016


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The Pitch: Brutal, slamming death metal from Baltimore with guest vocals from Vulvodynia and Engorging the Autopsy.

What I Like: Where else can you hear breakdowns prefaced by clips from Spaceballs and Spongebob?  The production is fairly strong and there are plenty of grooves to nod your head to amidst the double-bass pedal destruction.  I also really appreciate the more progressive, technical riffs and solos that show up here and there, as well as the melodic interlude "Geoform 187."  These help break up an otherwise straight-forward affair.

What I Don't Like: Those aforementioned melodic sections could be delved out a little better across the album.  I get a little warn down by the gutteral vocal style and often simplistic-sounding riffs in between.  Which brings me to my main complaint: the vocals need more variation in general.  I was very happy whenever we'd get some blackened shrieks to offset the blood gargling.  I could go for more of this as well as mixing these parts a bit louder to emphasize the lyrics.

The Verdict: A fun and sometimes self-aware bit of bombastic brutality that could benefit from a little more finesse in its vocals and riffing.

Flight's Fav's: Nurtured In a Poisoned Womb, Gravity Manipulation Unit, Genesis Chamber