Raffy's Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases of 2018

Here is a list of my personal picks for the most anticipated upcoming albums of 2018!

Jan. 2, 2018


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Albums are full-lengths/EPs/splits/etc. From all genres.

10 Trident Wolf Eclipse See Details for Trident Wolf Eclipse

Watain's newest album is right around the corner, with a set release date of January 5th. I thoroughly enjoyed the singles that were released in the past month or so, and being the huge black metal fan that I am...it is a nice breath of fresh air to see a group of longtime genre innovators keep on rocking after so many years. With such a big name, the new release is always welcome. Since the album comes out very soon, it only kicks off this list.


9 Oblivion See Details for Oblivion

Up next, the latest upcoming album from German Gothic metal pioneers Crematory. This new full-length, titled Oblivion, is set to come out mid-April; so not much is known yet given the amount of time until the release date. Not even the album art has been announced officially as of yet. Given the artists' strong track record, lengthy career, and decent last few albums, this new album in the works will hopefully not disappoint.

8 Posthuman See Details for Posthuman

Coming up on this spot, the very hyped new release for modern hardcore outfit Harm's Way. The fourth mainline full-length for this Chicago-based group, the album is being produced by Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy and is currently set for an early February release. Given the popularity and overhwlemingly positive reception of the band's previous album titled Rust, it will be tough to top the band's previous works in this new release named Posthuman. With the band's new assets and changes seen in the latest singles, it is intruiging to hear how they will fare with this effort. It may be more of the same, but it's the slight little twists that make the impact here...and I'm confident that the new album will be solid and strong as ever.


7 Dispose See Details for Dispose

The Plot In You is a band that has arguably progressed and matured fairly decently over its run. With the release of their 2015 full-length Happiness In Self-Destruction, I thought that Landon Tewers & Co. couldn't top their already solid and refined aura. The album was a perfect blend of poppy choruses, metalcore-ish guitar riffs and fills, as well as a mixture of melody, some breakdowns and the vocal range that made it a truly musically astounding experience. Despite the new album coming out soon having even less of the core elements the band rooted in early on, it will still be a wonder to listen to when it releases.


6 Pig Destroyer See Details for Pig Destroyer

It's been announced a couple of months ago that grindcore legends Pig Destroyer are working on a new album set to release during the summer of 2018. While not much is known yet at all, I'm confident that this new composition will be a sight to see and a noise to hear when it finally does go out to the public. And, given the long wait since the previous album in 2012, fans including myself will most definitely be on the lookout for this gem in the works.

5 If There Is A Light, It Will Find You See Details for If There Is A Light, It Will Find You

The next album by post-hardcore outfit Senses Fail cracks in at the top five on this list for a few reasons. One: their last album wasn't as memorable as the others in my opinion...two: the single they put out not too long ago sounded promising; and three: this is one of my favourite bands from high school days. Whatever happens, happens. But, I have faith that the new record will live up to the hype and feel of the early albums.


4 Tool See Details for Tool

That new Tool abum should be coming anytime soon right? I mean, the reason why it's so high up on this list is because of the long wait and overall huge hype surrounding it. But, we may see the light pretty soon. The album is now said to be in the works (finally) just with no definite date. I'm hoping that 2018 makes a good year for a comeback.

3 Amon Amarth See Details for Amon Amarth

Another album with an ambitious 2018 release may be Amon Amarth's next project. Nothing is really known about the album just yet, but it's been made public that the band is already working on it, so there's that hope there. I really enjoy this band and have so for many, many years. Them being one of my personal faves of the melodeath genre growing up, I'm hoping for another Twilight of the Thunder God.

2 Arson See Details for Arson

For this penultimate spot, we have one newer act that is taking flight with its brand of extreme metal. This band from Austria named Harakiri for the Sky is one that you should not pass up if you're into the darker brand of music with a twist. The upcoming album is set to release in a little over a month from now, but the wait is real.


1 Underoath See Details for Underoath

Well, here it is...the number 1 spot. This is a band that I hold very near and dear to me. Have been a fan of almost fifteen straight years and counting, so a long-awaited return is in order. And, now that they're officially back together again, new music is announced and could be very likely, although not definite at this time. Really, really hoping for a new one in 2018, and very curious to see what they bring to the table after so, so many years.