Raffy Reviews - Threat Signal: 'Disconnect'

Threat Signal's new release is a brilliantly mixed bag of melodic and fast-paced metalcore

Nov. 10, 2017


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Background/The Band: In the year 2003, a group of fellow heavy metal enthusiasts out of Hamilton, Ontario met up and decided to form their own musical act. Little did they know that this group would go on to release four studio albums under two distinct labels, tour extensively throughout the continent, and, in addition, gain a modest cult following within the core community over time. This Canadian band, known to the masses as Threat Signal, are now humbly unveiling their latest offering to the scene under the outfit's new label Agonia Records. The only question left is: does the new full-length follow through on the band's successful sound and truly deliver? Let's find out now.

Album Breakdown: Disconnect is Threat Signal's fourth studio release to date. The album clocks in at approximately 55 minutes in length and consists of a grand total of ten tracks. The lyrical themes of this composition mostly reflect a sort of "disconnect" from one's reality, as the individual takes a journey through other parts and dimensions of their consciousness. With songs revolving mostly around the concept of the perception of reality, the music that accompanies these themes is just as attention-grabbing. And, with instrumentals comprised predominantly of sharp hardcore riffs, fast-paced chugging breakdowns, chilling melodies, harsh vocals and everything in between...Disconnect asserts itself as a worthy component to the cream of the crop.

The Pros: Threat Signal's latest addition has decently paced songs as well as pulse-poundingly heavy music that will put many core fanatics at the edge of their seats. Along with its striking melodic breaks and consistent sound, which is largely aided by the solid poduction quality, Disconnect does a competent job at transitioning and structuring its many distinct auras. The vocals are energetic as usual and the variety surrounding the vocals is pretty decent as well. In addition, none of the instruments overshadow the track, which is a definite plus. As mentioned previously, the guitar riffs are varied as well, with some solos and breakdowns here and there, and sometimes the album takes on a more balladic tone too, especially with songs like "Walking Alone" and "Betrayal". The drums sound pretty good, too.

The Cons: Not really much to nitpick here. The album is very enjoyable and definitely a positive experience, even if it does end up a little on the softer side of the genre, especially towards the end of it.

The Verdict: Threat Signal's album Disconnect is a lengthy, but fun and exhilarating effort. In its ten songs, there is surely something in there for everyone who's a fan of metal and core. A near-perfect blend of heavy, soft, melodic, and dissonant, this album is sure to be a treat for most.

Fave Tracks: 'Nostalgia', 'Aura'

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Review by: Dave Raffy

-Musician, reviewer, fan & promoter


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